Reaper Bones

Reaper Bones

I’m getting myself prepared to start DMing. I’ve been looking at all the great tools available these days, and one thing I’ve been doing is starting a miniatures collection. Making this process far more affordable than I feared are Reaper Bones™ miniatures. These are plastic minis that are cheap and extremely light, so you can toss a bunch of them in a bag and not have to worry about the paint getting chipped off.Now, one issue with them is the molding. Plastic injection molding means there are always a few more lines and the bottom can be a bit unformed for those rare miniatures that you may occasionally want to use toppled over, like furniture.

The soft plastic they use doesn’t take well to grinding / sanding methods, but some careful work with a craft knife can have excellent results

And they paint up pretty well!

And here’s the tops, now painted (though I’m going to have to do some more finishing and touch up on the bases)

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