Missy’s getting plump and happy

Missy’s getting plump and happy

My last post spoke about our adoption of a cat, called Miss Tarea, or Missy for short. She was tiny and waif-like.

It is probably surprising to few people who know me that she is no longer tiny and waif-like. Here she is sitting calmly on a kitchen stool, looking exceedingly fluffy and relaxed (and nearly 2 kilograms heavier!) Don’t let her apparent calmness surprise you, though…

Because she very suddenly decided to exit that stool, in a direction she is not supposed to take!

Here she is on another occasion, eyeing off the butter. She is quite fond of butter!

Anyway, she seems to have a full recovery from all her injuries, with perhaps still a little uncertainty in her injured back leg (which was definitely from a shotgun), but her ability to run and jump seems almost entirely unaffected now, and if anything, she’s growing stronger and more sure of her abilities every day (as evidenced by her habit of jumping up onto the bench to lick the cutting board when we sit down for dinner!)

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